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                Date of Commencement: The Expert ICT Co. Ltd has been incorporated in Thailand since 2008 with registration capital of 20,000,000 baht. Since its inception, The Expert-ICT corporate mission and commitment to excellence is best reflected in our product quality and high standard of service.


         Today, The Expert-ICT is a fully integrated Digital Technology equipment included IT and Communications product and service for all Wired and Wireless Networks requiring Multimedia Collaboration Solutions such as Audio & Video Communication, Distant Learning Solutions, Internet of Thing, Security System, Data Center & Cloud Service, Tele Medicine, Smart CCTV, RFID, Network Infrastructure, Software Application, Installation and Maintenance, enable to give customers access to information they need to increase productivity and reduce cost.

Business Type:  We provide the following types of business:-

Turnkey Solutions
Security Solution
Installation & Relocation
Services & Maintenance